BLATNIKOV HRAM - Dvor 9, 8361 Dvor
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Discover our offer

We make a better day for you with a diverse culinary offer and friendly service. Our offer includes all kinds of dishes, from globally known cuisine such as pizza and pasta, to very special local dishes such as savory pancakes. Our offer also includes fish dishes and burgers. To spice things up, we also offer a variety of soups, salads, desserts and a selected assortment of drinks. We take special care of every guest, therefore we offer dishes for the youngest, platters for several people and we accept also closed companies.


We offer a range of different pizzas from the bread oven. There are both small and large pizzas available, You can adapt it to your taste with toppings.

Meals from the bread oven

We are especially known for dishes from the bread oven. Among other things, we bake special savory pancakes in the bread oven, which you will not find anywhere else.

Rustic dishes

For lovers of local cuisine, we prepare goulash, tripe, homemade feast and štruklji. Where possible, we use selected local ingredients.


plate with soup and decoriation


Choose from a daily soup inspired by the chef and between classics such as mushroom and beef soup.

hladna predjed na leseni podlagi

Cold starters

Enjoy the full flavors of our cold cuts. They are prepared with love from selected cheeses and meats.

plate with pasta and slasa

Warm starters

Check out our wide range of first-class pasta, gnocchi, omelettes and other warm appetizers.

plate with main dish

Main dishes

Choose between urban and fish dishes, plates, you can also choose side dishes if desired.

plate with pizza


Bread oven pizzas are always a good choice. With the addition you can give a pizzas personal touch with selected accessories.

plate of salad


Healthy salads wonderfully complement your meal, you can choose them as a refreshing stand-alone dish.

Gallery of creators

Our ambience is adorned with beautiful works of art by international artists, whose inspiration was also the wonderful local environment of Suha Krajina. The exhibited works come from the gallery of the Court Art Days. The entire collection includes many works, but since it is not possible to exhibit all of them in the gallery of the Court Art Days, Blatnik’s Temple represents their second home.

Energy renovation of Blatnikov Hram

In 2019, we begun with the project with which we wanted to comprehensively implement the energy rehabilitation of our inn and prepare measures to reduce waste and water consumption, thereby significantly improving energy and material efficiency. For this purpose, we prepared the application “ENERGY RENOVATION OF THE TEMPLE OF MUD” for the tender “SUPPORT TO MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES IN THE FIELD OF TOURISM TO INCREASE MATERIAL AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY”, which was approved in 2020.

The following goals are pursued in the project:

  • Reduce energy consumption for the facility by more than 88%
  • Increase the use of renewable energy sources to more than 75%
  • Reduce water consumption by more than 10.5%
  • Reduce waste by more than 50.9%
  • Obtain an internationally recognized environmental certificate

To achieve the goals, the project defined the following activities and measures:

  • Renovation of the entire outer shell of the building
  • Replacement of carpentry
  • Installation of external blinds
  • Modernization of the heating system with the installation of a heat pump and underfloor heating
  • Installation of recuperation system
  • Complete lighting update with transition to LED lights
  • Installation of a solar power plant
  • Purchase and installation of equipment and implementation of measures to reduce the amount of waste
  • Construction of a water reservoir and preparation of a system for the use of water from the reservoir in toilets and installation of energy-saving taps / kettles
  • Setting up a website and preparing a new energy certificate

The renovation project will be completed in July 2021, and we plan to obtain an internationally recognized quality certificate in 2022. We believe that the project will not only significantly reduce the burden on nature, but also have a positive impact on the well-being of our guests.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of EUR 199,987.50 (

waterfalls on the river Krka with bridge in background

General measures to prevent the spread of SARS-COV-2 virus infection

We strive to take care of your safety by following all the recommendations in the field of health protection. Given the new circumstances in connection with the SARS-COV-2 virus, it is necessary to highlight some guidelines for the safety of guests and staff of Blatnikov hram. You can read more about general measures on the NIJZ website.

Keeping your distance

Keep your distance, especially when you’re not sitting at a table. Eating indoor is only allowed with a PCT certificate.

Hand hygiene

Cleanliness and disinfection of hands is crucial to prevent the spread of infections, which is especially important when eating.

Cough hygiene

If you show signs of infection, stay home. If you still cough or sneeze, use a tissue or sleeve to reduce the scattering of the drops.

Use of masks

Masks are mandatory when moving indoors. Masks are not required at tables and when eating.

About us

Blatnikov Hram is a place with a family tradition. For years, we have been offering a diverse culinary offer for our loyal guests, as well as for those who stop by along the way to refresh themselves. We preserve tradition, take care of the local environment and support art. We also try to keep up to date. At the time of the public life restrictions in 2021, we therefore renovated the premises and digitized our business.

Rera Gostinstvo In Trgovina d.o.o.,
Dvor 9, 8361 Dvor, Slovenia

Phone: (07) 388 85 45
FAX: (07) 388 85 45

How to find us?

We are located in the center of Dvor in Suha krajina. You can find us at the crossroads for Novo mesto, Kočevje and Ivančna gorica. Parking is provided for guests, vehicles can be left in the parking lot by the road.

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